My 2011 goal: Read a book a week for the year

I’ve made a couple resolutions for this year.

Some are your typical New Year’s resolutions: Work out and lose weight, pay off debt, write more.

But there’s something else I’ve wanted to do for a long time that I never really have had the time for and never really understood how to make time for it.

It started with a blog post by my friend Ron last January when he introduced his 52 in 52 project — 52 books in 52 weeks.

I thought he was nuts, but also thought it was a cool project.

Then last month, I saw a blog post by the great Dave Fleet, where he gave tips on how to read 26 books a year — one every two weeks.

And it got the wheels in my head turning.

I used to read all the time. As a kid, there was hardly a time that a book would not be in my hands. Heck, when I was in university I couldn’t wait to graduate so that I wouldn’t feel so guilty about reading for personal reasons over doing readings assigned for my classes.

Then I graduated and my reading went by the wayside.

For a year, I drove to work. My commute was a daily total of three hours. It was easy to say that is why my reading dried up — I just didn’t have the time. And you can’t read while you drive, unlike reading when you commute by public transit.

It’s been nearly four months since I left that job, and I still haven’t read much more. I went through a peak after I got my Kindle in September, but then it fell by the wayside again.

So I’ve decided to steal Ron’s project — and hope to achieve 52 books in 52 weeks. Armed with Ron’s idea, and Dave’s determination (as well as a great post he linked to about how to read a book a week), here I go.

Here’s a look at the books I have on my list so far:

A few notes before I start:

I started the Secret Daughter at Christmas. So I’m a quarter of the way through it. Because of this, I am adding Under the Dome by Stephen King. It’s another book I’ve started, but can’t get through. So those two books will cancel each other out and balance out the 52.

After each book, I’m aiming to do a blog post about it. Not a review per say, but just a post to talk about the book and get a discussion going. If you’ve read it, or would like to read it, hop in and talk about it.

I’m also looking for suggestions. I’d like to branch out from my usual chick-lit, and would like some more non-fiction books up there. Leave some suggestions in the comments.

If you want to read along, here’s a preliminary schedule (don’t feel you have to keep up, but I’d love for people to read books that jump out at them): UPDATE 03/28: This schedule is outdated. Please click here for a listing of the books I have read so far.

Jan. 1 — The Secret Daughter

Jan. 8 — How Music Works

Jan. 15 — Ender’s Game

Jan. 22 — I’d Know You Anywhere

Jan. 29 — Every Last One

(Photo courtesy of mccun934 on Flickr)

Leave a comment with your book suggestions below. Or leave a comment with a suggestion for what to call this series. Or just leave a comment with your moral support. I’m going to need it.